You can also Qualify by your income.

If you do not receive any government benefits, we can still get you approved. You simply have to meet a few income guidelines, based on your household size.

Fill out the application as usual. In Step 3 click that you wish to qualify by income and upload a recent paystub and your all set.

One Benefit Per Household

We understand that you work hard.

We understand that you work hard. We are here to help get you approved with the ACP program that will save you HUNDREDS of dollars per year.

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Based on Your Income

You are eligible for the ACP if your income is 200% or less than the Federal Poverty Guidelines (see the table below). The guideline is based on your household size and state.

The table below reflects the income limit by household size, which is 200% of the 2022 Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Household Size 48 Contiguous States, D.C., and Territories Alaska Hawaii
1 $27,180 $33,980 $31,260
2 $36,620 $45,780 $42,120
3 $46,060 $57,580 $52,980
4 $55,500 $69,380 $63,840
5 $64,940 $81,180 $74,700
6 $74,380 $92,980 $85,560
7 $83,820 $104,780 $96,420
8 $93,260 $116,580 $107,280
For each additional person, add: $9,440 $11,800 $10,860

You may have to show proof of income, such as a recent pay stub, when you apply for the ACP.