Get Paid To Hand Out Free Tablets

We Give Free Tablets To Low Income Families: For School, For Work, For Life!
This new program is exploding all over the country.

Make Money Helping Your Community

Everyone knows that access to the internet is an essential service. In the modern pandemic world, it’s impossible to get by without the ability to send emails, apply for jobs, check the news, engage in remote learning, or stay in touch with friends and family.

A tablet is much easier to use than a phone for many of these daily tasks, but the cost of tablets can be prohibitive.

You will be paid to provide a necessity to families in your neighborhood. 

Customers only have to pay a small fee to activate the tablet.

The Opportunity

You can give away these devices for FREE! 
Make $200+ daily giving them away.

Each tablet comes with a sim card that gives 

free internet service for 5 years

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